Born in Paphos, Cyprus. Barbara Kitallides currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. Barbara Kitallides works primarily with synthetic polymer paint, enamel on canvas and mixed medium materials for her sculptural and installation works. Barbara’s art practice is an investigation of life and place in the modern world. How her inner conscience interacts with her external surroundings. The artist’s intention is to find balance within the chaos of these two spaces and discover what results. There is a constant push-pull effect of anarchy and control. A recurring theme within Barbara’s work is the exploration of the human condition. Looking at our value system as a society and also on a personal singular level. Engaging in an unspoken dialogue through colour, scale, form, materials, physical space. Colour is a critical part of the artist's dialogue analysis. In the last two years, Barbara has pushed further into sculptural and installation artworks. Seeking to break away from the canvas grid format. Creating oversized large-scale interactive pieces inviting the viewer to walk around, underneath, lookup, observe, and be observed by the artwork. Barbara has exhibited in Australia, Hong Kong (2016 - 2017), London (2017), Athens (2020). Her artworks are held in both private and public collections throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America. 

‘It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under’ Grand Master Flash – The Message (1982)